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Missional Rhythms

Welcome to the Myriad Online Learning Platform. On this page you have access to some of our sample online learning for individuals and teams that are progressing through the learning pathway.

There are five stages and in each stage we have an in-person gathering that covers a particular subject area. Following this, we encourage participants to invest some of their time in our online learning to help deepen their understanding, strengthen their leadership and support their actions.

About this topic

This topic will help teams understand the importance of developing missional rhythms in their personal and their team lives.

The activities can be done in any order. 


Missional Rhythms bitesize

At then end of this topic you should have: 

At then end of this topic you should have: 

  • An understanding of the importance of missional practices and rhythms
  • Concrete ideas for developing your individual missional rhythms
  • Made plans to track the team’s missional rhythms