Welcome to Catalyst: a church planting hub in Leicester

We are delighted to offer the opportunity for non-ordained people in Leicester and Leicestershire to receive training and support as they form new church communities.

The offer comprises a 2.5yr learning pathway that includes five in-person gatherings, online learning and mentoring. A number of teams will come together to form a learning community, coming together at gatherings, listening, praying and planning alongside each other.

Who is the hub aimed at?

Our aim is to provide a safe space where you can grow and develop as a team.  We want to provide you and your team with some useful tools you need to form new worshipping communities. Take a look at this great video for more information.

The Journey of a Lay Planter

Learning Pathway

The hub offers a learning pathway with learning based on five themes:

  • vision and discernment;
  • leading and teams;
  • formation and core practices;
  • planting and discipling
  • growth and multiplication.

This programme is designed to be lightweight and can be done alongside church and a busy life. Over the two and half years, we anticipate each six months will include:

  1. attendance at one gathering (two days);
  2. engage with online learning (8-12hrs);
  3. have mentoring meetings (3-4hrs);
  4. have a supervision meeting with the hub leader (1hr).

There will also be some additional preparatory activities such as safeguarding training and online induction.

When will the hub run?

Catalyst gathering dates are:

  • 5-17 Sep 2023
  • 2-4 Feb 2024
  • 20-22 Sep 2024
  • 7-9 Feb 2025
  • 19-21 Sep 2025

(the format and timings of the weekend will be confirmed in due course).

​Each gathering will include eating together, worship, input, reflection and team time; reflecting on the input and working together discussing plans for your new church community.

There will also be space for social time and the development of relationships. Plus, a full day’s learning programme, ending the time together in prayer.

Scott Else

Hub Leader

Sami Lindsey

Hub Team

James Banks

Hub Team

Dawn Diggle

Hub Team