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Welcome to the ChristCentral Church Planting Training Hub. This area can be modified by the hub team to include any regular type content including text, images and videos.

We believe that starting churches in new locations is one of the best means to reach more communities with the good news about Jesus and to bring about positive social transformation.

We call this process “church planting” and achieve this through training, releasing and supporting church planters in the UK and other nations.

How will we do this?

Highlighting key strategic locations where we want to plant new churches.

Encouraging focussed prayer for these towns and cities asking God to raise up church planting teams for each location.

Encouraging those in leadership positions in Newfrontiers churches to consider moving to these new locations to lead church planting teams and the churches that are planted by those teams.

Encouraging others in Newfrontiers churches to move to new locations to be part of church planting teams and to form the core of the new churches that are planted.

Providing training opportunities for all those considering being part of church planting teams.

Providing resources to new church plants, including:

Mentoring and oversight by experienced church planters and the ChristCentral apostolic team.

Church-planting Mission teams supporting launch programmes