Welcome to the Growing New hub for church planting teams in Suffolk.

The Lightwave Community and the Suffolk Centre for Mission are working with Myriad and adapting their learning community resources which have been developed to meet the following needs.

These needs were identified by lay planters in Myriad’s recent national research and are the same needs being experienced in Suffolk.

We hope this pilot will lead into an ongoing learning hub for future pioneers leading fresh expressions of Church in Suffolk.

  • “Just-in-Time” development and training to enable small lay teams to form new significant fresh expressions. ie training as they need it – not a long way in advance
  • Tailored and flexible training and development to fit different mission contexts and different teams and different stages of development
  • A safe community for these planting teams to support each other
  • Developing these lay planting teams with the clergy who champion and support this ministry
  • Structures and approach which intentionally focus on multiplication of new communities and easily align with the sense of call to pioneer and plant.

Who is it for?

The Hub is open to anyone that has a conviction that God may be asking them to start a new fresh expression of church. You might already know you are a pioneer or a planter, or you might just be at the start of your journey, able to articulate your desire to connect with a specific group of people or a specific area that is not obviously connected to a church. This guide might help you to prayerfully discern if this is you.

What is it?

The Hub will run a learning pathway, which is a 2.5 year journey with other teams that includes 5 in-person gatherings, additional online learning and mentoring for the planter/leader. Here is a short video that explains the learning pathway:

Lay Planter Animation for the “Growing New” hub in Suffolk

When is it?

If you are interested in finding out more then to get in touch for a conversation.

If you would like to find out more of what is on offer, then do consider joining our Taster Session on Saturday 29 April, 1-4pm. Contact us for more details.

The learning pathway will start in October 2023 and will include in-person gatherings on the following dates:

  • 13-14 October 2023
  • 15-16 March 2024
  • 18-19 October 2024
  • 21-22 March 2025
  • 10-11 October 2025

Hub Contact Details

Sally Gaze

Photo of Gail Southgate

Gail Southgate

Nina Seaman