Welcome to Stage 1

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Welcome to the first stage – vision and discerning.

We recognise that different teams will be at different stages in their journey and will also move at different paces along their journey so don’t worry if you think you are ahead or not ready! As you engage with the materials in each stage, there will be new insights to ground within your team and encouragements to share with other teams in the community.

In each stage there are a variety of core topics and some recommended topics. Core means that at the gathering in this stage, we will refer to this topic material. At the in-person gathering, we will engage with the essential information from each of the core topics so everybody will be on the same footing. However, there is always more material to engage with on each topic outside of the gathering should you wish.

Recommended topics also contain a variety of activities but these are not covered in the gathering.

In addition, the off-the-shelf topics will be available to consult as and when you need them.

Every topic is a collection of activities for you and your teams to work through. You can dip into these or work through them at your own pace. As this is not a course, you will be relieved to know that there are not any assignments. There are some tasks to do and things to think about, pray about and try out. The activities in each topic are not mandatory so do not worry if you do not have time to work through them all – remember this is not a course. However, you may find that you would like to delve deeper or they may be questions that you or your team would like to investigate. The activities in these topics should allow you to do that. Alternatively, your mentor or hub leader may suggest looking at a particular topic to help you.

These are the topics in this stage:

  1. Vision and Purpose (Core)
  2. Setting Culture (Core)
  3. Tracking Progress (Core)
  4. Prayer: Three voices (Core)
  5. Embedding Missional DNA (Core)
  6. Bivocational Ministry (Recommended)
  7. What is a Church (Recommended)